18 December

#10: For Dancers in Love

After my swingin’ christmas collection for dancers I couldn’t think of anything better than a sweet playlist for all the swingin’ dreamers and dancers in love. Happy holidays everybody!

11 December

#9: Swingin’ Christmas for Dancers

Well, the name says it all. Happy holidays are getting closer and closer and this is my collection of the swingin’ jazz tunes for dancers and Christmas theme parties! Photos by Lord Mindaugas J. Bikauskas Photography – “Lithuanian Beauties”          

3 December

#8: 240++ BPM Jams

Inspired by last Friday request for 220-240 BPM Jams today I publish a proper tempo playlist for the badass hot swing jams. Yeah, Jumping at the Woodside is just an easy beginning 😉 Christmas Holiday craze is in the air already, so next week – Swingin’ Christmas playlist for dancers! (Photo Justas Grigaravičius)

27 November

#7: 220-240 BPM Jams

Well here it is the first request for the weekly playlist – “220 bpm – 240 bpm hard swingin’ songs for Jams”. This is how the Lindy Man himself – Martynas Stonys – put it 😉 For me personally all the swing jams fun begin only from 240 BPM, but let’s leave for the next week.. (Photo © […]

20 November

#6: 100-120 BPM Class

Easy, sexy and playful – this is what I really like about slow tempo like this. It makes you dream while you dance. Enjoy every step! Thank you everybody for good words towards my project! (Photo © Paulius Zavadskis, 2015)

13 November

#5: 140-160 BPM Class

This is a following post to a series of playlists for the classes. Last week I posted a playlist for 120-140 BPM swing class, which is the favourite tempo both for classes and social dances, and now here we go with the favourite tempo here in Vilnius, slightly faster but still very medium – 140-160 BPM, my […]

6 November

#4: 120-140 BPM Class

If you’re teaching a dance class, your playlist is as important as the material and the way you teach. Class playlist should give a positive feeling and energy, clear rhythm and tempo, so students could fall into the music with the things you teach. It’s a good sign if your students ask what was the […]

31 October

#3: ROCKIN’ Rhythm&Blues

Here in Vilnius Rhythm&Blues music is almost directly associated with Boogie-Woogie dancing and as we don’t have Boogie-Woogie scene in Lithuania at all, you don’t hear it often over here. Although if the party mood is right and the tune’s rhythm rocks more than boogies, then it is a true helper to steam the party. This year at Herräng […]

22 October

#2: Bal-BOA

I’m not a Balboa dancer. I’ve never DJ’ed for Balboa dancers. But I have a collection of the tunes in my library based on the feeling I think of Balboa. There is a lot of Balboa happening around me and it is easy to imagine myself doing Balboa to particular tunes while I’m organising my library. So this […]

16 October

#1: Performance TO-BE

So the first one of the weekly playlists is dedicated to the European Swing Dance Championships 2015 happening this weekend and it is a compilation of the old and new tunes I imagine someone could use for creating a swing dance performance. Maybe someone already did but these are the tracks I’ve put aside while I was collecting […]