#4: 120-140 BPM Class

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If you’re teaching a dance class, your playlist is as important as the material and the way you teach. Class playlist should give a positive feeling and energy, clear rhythm and tempo, so students could fall into the music with the things you teach. It’s a good sign if your students ask what was the name of the song after class. Also you should now your tunes well enough to know exactly which one you need for a specific class. The bad thing about Spotify music player is that it doesn’t show BPM and Comments, so this is why I start a series of weekly playlists specially for the classes. Let’s start with the most popular tempo! I’ll keep it updated for sure!

P.s. The picture below defines a perfect class playlist – LIVE MUSIC, haha!


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  1. Vilius
    November 6, 2015

    Ačiū. Spotify grojaraščiai yra gėris. Dar gali ir Youtube klipukų parinkęs pasidalinti kartais.


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