#3: ROCKIN’ Rhythm&Blues

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Here in Vilnius Rhythm&Blues music is almost directly associated with Boogie-Woogie dancing and as we don’t have Boogie-Woogie scene in Lithuania at all, you don’t hear it often over here. Although if the party mood is right and the tune’s rhythm rocks more than boogies, then it is a true helper to steam the party. This year at Herräng Dance Camp I had an opportunity to DJ at the HELL HOT library party, which was dedicated to Rhythm&Blues. It was a rich, fun and inspiring experience for me as I didn’t have a huge such library and people seamed to really appreciate the music and even gave me some tips.

So this is a compilation of the tunes I see kind of on the line for Boogie-Woogie and Lindy Hop, if we could split it like this, and of course some of them are just a pure rockin’ pleasure to listen. Enjoy!herrang3

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